Redeeming Catch Offers

From seamless catch-generated codes to full POS integration and online redemption, we support pretty much all voucher types.

PIN & Code

The simplest, and most popular method.

This mechanism is the most common redemption method for voucher based apps in the UAE. Your staff member enters a PIN, and the catch app will reveal a unique voucher code for that redemption for your staff member to note with the transaction.

Scannable Barcode

For deep POS integration

This mechanism is ideal if you want your catch offer to integrate with your POS system for easy redemption and full traceability of conversions.

Simply generate a new discount code on your POS system, and supply us with the generated voucher codes in a text format or excel sheet.

The Catch app will automatically convert the supplied codes into one of the above barcode formats of your choice.

You can either issue a unique code per redemption, or one code for the entire promotion (not recommended)

Manual Instructions

Show redemption instructions and a clickable action.

This mechanism is great if the reward type doesn’t fit into the model of a voucher or a discount. Perhaps the customer needs to call somebody to arrange their reward, make a booking or otherwise.

Each reward issued will show the same information and link, so it’s not great for individually trackable rewards, and is more suited to special prizes.

Online redemption

E-Commerce discount codes

This mechanism applies an e-commerce coupon code to a redemption link, either by appending the code to the checkout URL, or by automatically copying the discount code to the clipboard to paste into the checkout page.

Simply supply us with the “base” URL and a list of coupon codes, and the app will handle the rest.