OOH meets Mobile

Hardware, apps and cloud services purpose built to Mobile-enable OOH signage networks.

Catch Broadcaster

Designed and built in the UK.

A unique device that beams real-time ad content from your Digital or Print OOH signage to nearby mobile devices, powering interactive ad campaigns, and serving engaging, clickable digital content.

Broadsign Integration

Plug-and-play with the industry's most popular DOOH content player platform.

Support for other DOOH player platforms coming in 2021.

Catch App

Rewarding audiences for engaging with your signage.

Impression Counter

Optional add-on broadcaster module.

Cryptographically anonymised, privacy-centric impression counting technology. Use impression data to enhance client impression and play reports, inform day-part pricing, or even automatically trigger programmatic ad sales.

Play-by-play impression data is reported to, and accessible within, Broadsign Control.

APIs and SDKs

Got a better idea? We've done the hard work!
Use the catch infrastructure and broadcasting technology to build your own interactive DOOH App.

async function init() {
  const catchInstance = await initializeCatchBluetooth();
  catchInstance.on(‘playstateChanged’, (content) => {
     if (content) {
     } else {

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